All scent work classes are 6 weeks for a fee of $125   Classes are taught by Bernadette Stahlkopf

Introduction to Scent Work

This class is the base class for all upper levels - Handlers will learn about both AKC and NACSW scent work organizations as well as trialing and the search areas of containers, interiors, exteriors, buried, vehicles, and handler discrimination.Additionally, dog and handler teams will be introduced to the "searching" process as well as the scents themselves: Birch, Anis, Clove, and Cypress. BIRCH will be the primary scent used at this level.All levels of scent work - AKC: Novice, Advanced, Excellent, Master, and Detective will be discussed and include the secondary Elite levels. NACSW trials will be also be discussed - NW1, NW2, and NW3. The focus and intent of this class is to prepare dog/handler teams for trialing at the novice level.

Novice & Advanced Scent Work

This class is a continuation of the introductory class and will include both novice and advanced search areas - novice with one "hide" and advanced having two "hides." Special attention is paid to each dog's signals so handlers will increase their ability to read their dog's alerts.Handlers will begin using the "ALERT" call and a continuation of rules will be discussed and/or used to further each handler's knowledge. Scent levels change in advanced and class searches will reflect this skill. It is at this level that non-food distractors will be used: Toys, collar, or leash. Additionally, handlers will begin using the "finish" call at the end of their search. Searches will be timed appropriate to the number of hides.

Advanced & Excellent Scent Work

Continuing, advanced searches will branch into excellent levels with excellent searches having three "hides" and increased search time. Distractors will include food AND non-food items. Special attention is given to room structures, walls, and appropriate height levels for hides. **Please note that handlers should have a solid understanding of trial rules by this time and/or level**

Master & Detective Scent Work

These are the two highest competitive levels for AKC scent work and therefore, the most difficult. Multiple room searches and an unknown number of hides are practiced. Food, non-food, human, toys, mimic, and noise distractions are practiced at this level. Inaccessible hides are used at these levels.