Now offering Intro to Barn Hunt Mini-Seminars for breed clubs and small groups.

Looking to plan a fun event for your breed club, have a group of friends who want to gather for a fun event?  Look no further!  Schedule a Mini-Seminar

Email us at to schedule

2 hour Mini-Seminar - Limit 10 dogs, $30 per dog, must have at least 5 dogs. 

$5 per bale that is damaged due to dogs peeing on bales.

-During the seminar each dog will be introducted to a rat in an open cage

-Dogs will then work on indicating a rat in a clear tube

-Dogs will learn how to do a straw tunnel, climb on bales and hunt in a novice ring setting

-We will discuss novice rules

-Dog/handler teams will practice in the ring like a Novice trial

See the class calendar for upcoming Mini Seminars

-Pre-payment required for Mini Seminars