Almost nine years ago, I entered the competitive world of Barn Hunt with my Weimaraner Shay and my Vizsla, H. It was difficult to compete as no clubs or training facilities offered actual training or classes. So like many other competitors, we trialed and failed and sometimes got lucky with a Q.

Thankfully, the continued interest in Barn Hunt has grown and thus created a greater need for classes, seminars, and training/ring time. As a result, Oh Rats Dog Training was created!

It is with pride that I share the successes of my dogs within their Barn Hunt titles - but it is imperative to reference the multiple NQ's that are behind each title.

Shay was working on her Senior title when she passed away unexpectedly.

H was also working on his Senior title when I chose to retire him because of his spondylosis.

All three of my Weimaraners, Siren, Solstice, and Ocean are currently in the Master category.

Siren has additionally earned her Bronze Level Crazy Eights title.
Solstice has earned, additionally, her Crazy Eights Bronze and Silver titles as well as Novice Excellent and Open Excellent titles.
Ocean, my youngest, most recently in Master, also earned her Open Excellent title.

I have had the unexpected privilege of running five year old Border Collie, Dude, for Carol Paplham, earning his Open title all the way through his RATCHX4 and Double Platinum Silver Crazy Eights title. Last year, when Carol became ill, Dude came to live with me and he is now an important member of my pack.

And in just a few short weeks, a Miniature Bull Terrier will join us and begin his/her Barn Hunt career alongside and with my active pack.

Co-owner of Oh Rats