Golden Boy

We currently have a colony of about 50 rats.

They live in the office of our training building.   The room is heated and air conditioned.  Our rats eat like kings and queens with a varitey of fruits and vegetables as well as snacks, cereals, nuts, seeds, noodles and CHOCOLATE!  We are very fortunate that people love to bring us food to feed to our rats.  The pre-K students at one of the elementary schools that I work at even save their extra snacks for the rats!  We appreciate any donations of food for our ratties.  They especially love cheese balls!  Many of our rats come from the agriculture program at Chilton High school where they are purposely for a genetics class and a small animal vet class.  They are very nice rats, easy to handle and have been taught to have bite inhibition.  When our rats get old or sick, they are retired from working and will live out their lives in the Ratisson.  When the time comes, they are humanely euthanized by a vet.  We do just about anything to keep our rats healthy, and happy!