Puppy Classes run for 6 weeks for one hour each session. 

Puppy Classes will run throughout 2024 on Tuesday evenings at 5:30pm

Class fee is $125.00 - for puppies 7 weeks - 6 months

Puppy class is taught using a clicker and positive reinforcement. 

We focus on building a foundation for future training and developing a strong working relationship between puppy and owner. In addition to come, sit, down and stay, we work on loose leash walking, focus and attention, confidence building, proprioception, and socialization with other puppies in the class.  We want training to be fun for both the handler and the puppy. 

Those atteding puppy class should plan to bring their puppy on a buckle collar and a 6 foot leash.  You will also need to bring a hungry puppy, we suggest skipping the meal before puppy class and lots of small soft treats.   This is not your average puppy class!  Get ready to have fun and train at the same time.  Puppy class is taught in Suite One, a heated 3,000 square foot space.